Head-to-head word guessing game for smartphone and tablet

WordMingle connects friends or random players from all over the world in an exciting game where players have to guess the right word in the least amount of guesses. We created the colorful style for the game and designed the universal game app for both the iOS and Android platform on smartphone and tablet.

Word Mingle – Collage

After choosing a difficulty—based on the number of letters—and a language, the player can make a move by guessing the word as fast as they can. Correct guessed letters will either stick around if they’re in the right position or indicate it should be placed somewhere else in the word.

Word Mingle – Badges

While playing, players can unlock collectible badges and coins. The latter comes out quite handy to purchase in-game hints, but also make it possible to get upgrades and chat packs.

The app is currently available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Word Mingle – Screens
Word Mingle – Chat
  • App
  • Brand Identity
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design

Download from the App Store
Shoutout to the Avataaars by Pablo Stanley and open-source Twemoji by Twitter