Eliminating unexpected waiting times at the terminal entrance

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Serving as one of the busiest ports in Europe, it’s of great importance that the loading and unloading processes are as efficient as possible. Because of missing required documentation or human error upon input of an order, drivers are usually the victim of hours-long waiting times. Valenciaport invited us to work on a solution towards eliminating these unexpected waiting times that drivers, unfortunately, often encounter at the terminal entrance.

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With numerous processes in place and an existing port community system, we kicked off with an interactive workshop to gather the minds of all included parties. We transformed the results and insights into a vision and concept of a long-term solution to look forward to eliminating the waiting times. Consisting of an overall simplified order process, dashboards for fast problem solving, and easy-to-use app for the target group. From here, stakeholders and developers were on the same page to get started with looking at the short-term.

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To help eliminate the waiting times in the short-term, we’ve worked on a new version of the app for drivers. They use the app to stay in the loop of their orders and report casualties as soon as possible, preventing errors at the gate. Tiny wins, such as bringing essential information to the front and a one-tap double check on the license plate contribute to lowering the chance of errors when scanning the order codes at the terminal. A solid start to keep iterating with improvements and new features to reach the end goal of smooth validation of access at the terminal doors.

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