App concept to improve the self-service 
bike rental experience

When traveling to some cities around the world, it is easy to spot the famous design of the CycloCity network bikes on the streets. This initiative brings the benefits of alternative urban mobility through a network of self-service rental bikes.

Valenbisi – the version of CycloCity in Valencia – has a network of approximately 45.000 subscribers, 270+ stations, two apps that are not fully-dedicated to Valenbisi, and more than ten unofficial Valenbisi-focused apps. Observing this, we certainly see that there’s a need that some tech-savvy users are trying to fulfill. Namely, having an entirely dedicated & intuitive app that helps customers through their routine of commuting with this service.

Our approach to this challenge has been to focus on the users that commute on a frequent basis with this service. Therefore, it’s useful to be able to see real-time information about the number of bikes and parking spots available at the stations nearby. The goal of the app, however, is to facilitate users from getting from A to B. It helps the user to find out which stations are more convenient to pick up a bike and to park it later, based on availability and final destination.


To prevent disappointments while trying to find a bike, the user will be able to reserve the desired bike for the upcoming 20 minutes. 
No more bad surprises, when you realize that the bike you wanted to take is gone!


Based on an intuitive, modern and adaptable UI design – that allows CycloCity to replicate the app to other cities – we’d like to include features where the user can create routes based on the available bike-lanes, report malfunctions, and to update or purchase a subscription.

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