Providing companies with an ecosystem 
for their internal communications

In large teams within a layered company structure, it can be challenging to get your message across, to collect feedback from your peers, or collectively get behind a great idea. Polder is a startup from Amsterdam building towards a platform for companies to streamline their internal communications. Its name derived from ‘polderen’ 
– a consensus decision-making process originating from Dutch politics where every party has to be heard.

In close collaboration with their team, we developed the concept 
from the start and used these results to design the entire platform, accompanying branding and the marketing website.

Polder Horizon

Besides a reference to decision-making, a ‘polder’ is the name for land reclaimed from a body of water. Its appearance of several plots of land, locked in by watercourses, defines the landscape that is so famous of the Netherlands. The logo presents an abstraction of these polders in the shape of a comma and a speech balloon.

Polder Logo
Polder - Coasters
Polder - App Icon in Dock

On the platform, employees – from top-level management to interns – can write papers, which are internal documents shared with your team or company. At the core is the Position Paper, used to convince and outline your views on a topic. Responding to a Position Paper happens through writing a Response Paper. And to first gather input or feedback from your colleagues, it’s possible to write an Idea Paper as a prelude to your Position Paper.

Polder - Papers

For the writing experience to be a place of focus, we designed a custom editor that starts as if you have a blank piece of paper in front of you. The editor also acts as a walkthrough to help you write a sharp Position Paper as you go.

Polder - Editor

With a smart categorization for topics, departments, and locations, 
the dashboard displays papers that reflect what’s going on in the company, subjects you care about, and exciting topics to discover.

Finally, to support or to respond quickly, each reader can vote on a published paper, so that ideas can be challenged to become better and responses from the audience on your policy can be measured.

Polder - Website
  • Brand Identity
  • Concept
  • Prototype
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Website

Visit the website on polder.app