Paper Dreams

Stocking up on stockroom supplies with clients on the spot

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There’s a high chance for people in the Netherlands that received a gift or party item, that Paper Dreams have made it. The wholesaler develops these quirky and funny products in-house and, with a small team of representatives, sells them to retailers all over the country.
To make this process as efficient and smooth as possible, we’ve collaborated with Collabo on a custom selling environment for tablet devices.

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When visiting the client in their shop, the representative can browse through the entire product range with specific price agreements and needs. Along the way, from browsing to finishing the order, the interface remains clean and straightforward – extra information only appears when needed, and changes to the order don’t require the user to drift away from the current screen into unnecessary processes.

With the tool, clients can stick to their business and save time, while the representatives can fit in more visits in their schedule.

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