In-store scanner concept to improve the shopping experience

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Mercadona is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Spain and is, next to their innovative take on their product range, recognized for breaking new ground in the world of retail. From being the first Spanish company to use barcodes in its stores to introducing smart automation in their distribution center. Meanwhile, the digital experience for customers is left behind on the growing needs of the consumer. We saw an opportunity to look into this as a design exercise and thought of a concept to improve the shopping experience, both in-store as in the comfort of your home.

The idea derived from doing your groceries in the most natural way possible. With the app on one of your most personal devices, and therefore always nearby, users can compose their shopping list on the spot. In the exact moment of finishing up the last carton of milk, the product range is in thumbs-reach to add the desired item on the list.

From there the full list is available for the next visit to the store, or it can be ordered to be delivered up to the fridge. We believe that this last option is especially important for making grocery shopping more accessible and help save time – whether you are a student that’s too busy studying (or lazy) to head out or a customer with reduced mobility.

With or without a shopping list, customers are also able to use their smartphone as an in-store scanner. The app matches the current location with one of the Mercadona supermarkets to present the option prominently when opening the app. While scanning, products that are still on the list appear in the top of the screen and are automatically checked off upon scanning.

Finally, to skip queues, customers can finish their order by walking up to a payment station and scanning the generated code in the app. The payment can be made traditionally by card or automatically debited from the connected account.

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